Dave Lue
Tattoo Artist

Dave Lue grew up in the Seattle area of Washington state where he started his tattoo career ten years ago. He specializes in photo-realism tattoos as well as being very well-rounded in all other areas, including; portraits, one of a kind custom tattoos, still life and large scale bio-mechanical pieces. Dave moved to Vegas four years ago to pursue & advance his career as a tattoo artist and has since been published in various tattoo magazines such as Skin Art, International Tattoo Magazine, & Tattoos for Woman. He has also received awards at various tattoo conventions over the years for his custom artwork.

Andrey Andrade
Tattoo Artist

As of now I can't picture myself doing anything else other then tattooing, even though I have a caricaturis/cartoonist background I became fascinated with the tattoo style of black and grey and focused on that style mainly in my first years of tattooing. At the moment I'm enjoying the open creative possibilities of color and challenges such as cover ups and freehand projects.

Octavio Eli Andrade
Tattoo Artist

My name is Octavio Eli Andrade, the style I like tattooing is black & grey. I have two brothers who are also tattoo artists and we help and inspire each other. I draw a lot of inspiration from many great artists like Alex Grey, Chetzar, Domantas Parvanis, and lots of Anime.

Neri Gersain
Tattoo Artist

My name is Neri Gersain. I have been involved with art for as long as I can remember. I enjoy tattooing just about anything, but the style I enjoy tattooing the most would have to be black and grey. Original pieces are always fun to do as well. Other than tattooing I enjoy painting, drawing, and anything else that involves art.

Justin Fults
Tattoo Artist

My name is Justin Fults, I'm from Champaign Illinois. I specialize in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos. If I'm not tattooing you'll find me drawing up some artwork with prisma color pencils or water colors. I find the best inspiration is working with an active group of tattooers and artist. I also get my inspiration from other tattooers like Derek Noble, Samuele Brigitte, and Emily Rose Murray.